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Love Song

In Krishna - The Musical, Krishna expresses his feelings for Radha as she plays coy and flirts silently, in this 'Love Song' which is based on the Indian Classical Music - Raag Manj Khamaj. The legacy melody of this song has been popular for decades and has been adapted for this song.

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The way that I feel
Lost in my dreams
For the girl full of silence
That neither hears nor heeds
Deep in a love
For a sound yet unheard
From the girl full of silence
That prays on every word
With this I reveal
My feelings and dreams
For the girl full of silence
For whom my love’s unconcealed
With this I unveil
My quest for my dream
For the girl full of silence
And an end as only I see
I’ve been waiting little one
For you to love me for so long
I’ve been dreaming of you all the time
As I sing my sweet love song

Lyrics/Musical Composition/Sound Recording © 2020 Rajesh Jhaveri & © 2020 Rajesh Jhaveri
Illustrations by Insine Cartoonist
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