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The Disrobing

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Five brothers who were Krishna’s cousins, called out to him in their time of distress. They had foolishly lost everything they owned while gambling with some other cousins and this included even their wife! Krishna had no option but to help them out of this predicament, as he knew they had been cheated in a crooked game, where the dice were loaded against them. One of the five brothers was Arjun, an ace archer and warrior who had married Krishna’s sister. Knowing Arjun had been wronged, Krishna stepped in to rescue him and his four brothers from the awful predicament they had gotten themselves into. The worst incident took place when the winning cousins tried to humiliate Arjun’s wife by disrobing her, but Krishna used his powers, to ensure that no matter how much of her clothing was removed, it was constantly and magically replenished in a never ending stream of cloth such that she remained clothed, no matter how much cloth was pulled off. The friction between the families led to a huge war. Armies amassed on either side, but Arjun was despondent, disconsolate and depressed at having to fight with his own cousins, even though they had cheated in the game and tried to disrobe his wife. & © 2020 Rajesh Jhaveri
Illustrations by Insine Cartoonist
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