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Do You Believe In Love

In Ram - The Musical, Sita sings a delightful paean to love when she sees the incredible brotherly bond between Ram’s brother and him, when despite being given the reigns to the kingdom of their father, Ram’s brother refuses to accept it out of love and respect for Ram.

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Do you believe in the sunlight
In clear blue skies, in starry nights
Do you believe in dreams, life's lies
Do you believe in love
In love, in love, in love, in love, in love
Do you believe in love
In love that glows and shines
In love that comes alive
I believe in love that's forever
In reaching out to the stars that shine
I believe in romance in our lives
Believe that I'm in love
In love, in love, in love, in love
In love with love and life
With love that never lies
With love that never dies
Memories of lonely times
Cause tears to fall from emotive eyes
Warmth that binds through long cold nights
Reflects our love
Yes, I believe in love
In love, in love, in love, in love
I do believe in love
In love that's pure and right
In love that lasts through life

Lyrics/Musical Composition/Sound Recording © 2020 Rajesh Jhaveri & © ℗ 2020 Rajesh Jhaveri
Illustrations by Insine Cartoonist
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