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Superstars/The Gita

In Krishna - The Musical, 'Superstars' is sung by the Hindu Gods, during the Mahabharata war and the song includes a potent extract from a treatise covering the philosophy of life, known as the Bhagavad Gita, recited by Krishna. The sitar riff is based on the Indian Classical Music Raag - Bihag.

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We are the superstars, aided by intent
Can we carry our triumphs, before they’re spent
Idols we revere and idols we are
A bridge to the superman - on par

Hounded in our own domain
Iconic we’ll remain
In the future of us changelings
We’ll embody our dreams and trysts

We can and we will fill the void
Attune to that what’s lost in time
Appease and imbibe all the warmth
Ride alongside on our perpetual flight

Stay and feast on this tumultuous life
Frenzied on the inside and the outside
Loving for us, loving for all
It’s an emotion, right or wrong

Creatures time their deaths from the hour of their birth
They’ve got no time to celebrate, they’ve got no self-control
This is a path that few may choose to tread
Lament you not for the living or the dead

Flee from the pleasures that open all the doors
Sinful and immediate, till they exist no more
Stay within an endless realm, infinite in its reach and grasp
Envision amnesty from death
Till death’s a liberation - at last!

I am the day, I am the night
I am the darkness, I am the light
In shadows of twilight, I bring forth the rain
With the gold dawn I place, the sun in its domain
I infuse the love, I instill the hate
I command your birth, your death and your fate
I am the power, the god and the king
I’m matter, non-matter, I’m everything!

Lyrics/Musical Composition/Sound Recording © 2020 Rajesh Jhaveri & © 2020 Rajesh Jhaveri
Illustrations by Insine Cartoonist
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