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Dance Of The Gopis

Audio book will be released soon.

As he grew into a handsome strapping teenager, Krishna learned how to play the flute, so melodiously that there was not a soul who wasn’t enchanted by the notes wafting from the troubadour. The young cowgirls were spellbound by this talented and good looking young man and were infatuated beyond imagination. They could not hide their crushes as they fell instantly in love with him. Every morning at dawn, the young cowgirls awoke to the sound of Krishna's notes gliding over the meandering landscape. They would run and dance around him and then plunge into the river to bathe. Krishna's impishness often took over and once he even hid the clothes of all the cowgirls which had been strewn on the river bank while they bathed, but they forgave him instantly, such was his allure. Krishna mesmerised the young girls with his paean to love and life as they immersed themselves in the realms of ecstasy and nectar of existence. & © 2020 Rajesh Jhaveri
Illustrations by Insine Cartoonist
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