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Krishna Stealing Butter

Audio book will be released soon.

The young Krishna was as mischievous as could be. The women of the village hung pots from their roofs in which they allowed milk to curdle and become butter. Krishna loved the butter and would make his friends bend over in a circle so he could climb onto their backs and grab hold of the pot and scoop the butter out. Sometimes he would find a wooden stump on which to climb and often the butter would spill onto the ground. The women of the village at first thought some animals were upsetting the pots, but soon realised who the culprit was. They complained to Krishna's foster mother, but she would not believe them, until one day she caught him in the act, but Krishna put on such an adorable look with wide watery eyes that she didn’t have the heart to punish him. & © 2020 Rajesh Jhaveri
Illustrations by Insine Cartoonist
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