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Krishna's Birth & Escape

Audio book will be released soon.

A clairvoyant told the evil king that he would be killed by his own cousin sister’s yet to be born son. Petrified that the prophecy would come true, the evil king imprisoned her and gave orders that every male child born to her be killed. The avatar of the Preserver was born in jail on a rainy night. His overjoyed parents named him Krishna. Torrential gales lashed the village and rain cascaded down like whiplashes. The river started to overflow and water seeped everywhere. Krishna's mother was thoroughly distraught at the thought of her son being killed by her cousin, the evil king. Krishna's father realised, that this was the time to act, to save his son's life and he revealed his plan to his wife, explaining to her that their only hope was to surreptitiously take their baby son far away, where the evil king would not be able to find him. Krishna’s mother was in agony at the prospect of losing him but her heavy heart was filled with hope that her son’s life would be saved. As Krishna’s father prepared to brave the weather outside, he noticed that the guards were sleeping and the jail's door was mysteriously open. Holding the infant close to his chest, he sped across the village to the bank of the nearby river and leapt into the raging current, his heart in his mouth. Surprisingly, the waters swirled around him gently, as if to protect rather than batter him. Suddenly, a giant cobra arose as if from nowhere and instead of attacking him, it provided a cover for him with it's enlarged hood. He scrambled to the other side of the rampaging river, where he chanced upon sleeping gypsy cowherds, one of whom had just given birth to a girl. With nary a thought or hesitation, he exchanged baby Krishna with the cowherd's newly born girl and headed back to his jail cell. The next morning the evil king's guards reported to him that his cousin had given birth to a baby girl. The evil king, not wanting to take any chances, attempted to kill the girl, but she rose like a spirit into the skies, leaving the astounded king to stare disbelievingly at her disappearing above. & © 2020 Rajesh Jhaveri
Illustrations by Insine Cartoonist
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